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When Lois was younger she used to dislike Ollie as he always seemed to bully her Dad in their films, and persuaded Stan to incorporate a 'revenge' scene at the end of One Good Turn, where Stan finally turns the tables on Ollie. Among his frequent golfing partners were Bing Crosby, W. As his daughter Lois put it, "He loved it when the fish would put up a bit of a fight with him." In addition to fishing, Stan's other interests included raising ducks and hydroponic gardening (a process in which plants are grown in chemical solutions rather than soil).

By the time of filming, it was determined that Lois looked too old for the role. Stan's favourite pastime was fishing, especially salmon fishing in northern California.

The idea of steps was also used in one of their silents, HATS OFF, no copy of which is known to exist.

Including quest appearances, Laurel & Hardy made 106 films together.

They had appeared together by chance in an earlier film called THE LUCKY DOG, but it was not until each had joined Hal Roach that their teaming began.

They were appearing in the same films at Roach when director/supervisor Leo Mc Carey recognized the comic contrast between them and encouraged their teamwork.

How did Stan and Ollie get together in the first place?

In some of his early works, he was billed as Babe Hardy, using his nickname.

Oliver Hardy was born Norvell Hardy in Harlem, Georgia.

Stan's first wife sometimes served as his personal business manager and handled all of his business dealings with Hal Roach.

Jerry Lewis once offered Stan 0,000 to write for him on a part-time basis. He once successfully cross-bred a potato and an onion, but couldn't get anyone to sample the results. His marriage to actress Lois Neilson (1926-1936) produced a daughter, Lois Jr., in 1927.

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After seeing Marceau perform in Paris in 1950, Stan praised him as an unsung genius and helped Marceau gain attention in the French press.

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