Olsen twin dating older man

They have three children together with another on the way, and he has another grown child (Ireland Baldwin) from his previous marriage to the amazing actress, Kim Basinger. Thanks to his fun-loving spirit and wild sense of humor, we can see why a younger woman would fall for the actor. Now that little kids are in the picture, the actor better keep fit so he can run after the wee ones.We know Hilaria is in great shape, but with four kids, she’ll need some help from their papa. She is now 31-years-old and is married to a much older gent, Olivier Sarkozy, a French Banker who is 48.

They have one child together and their relationship is still going strong.

Fans would love for this Hollywood couple to make it “official.” The 19-year-old singer and artist Kelsi Taylor is dating comedian/actor Dane Cook, who is 45 years old.

This rather large age gap is particularly head-turning, since Taylor is still just a teen.

Yes, she is “legal,” but for a 45-year-old, that is quite a big gap.

But who are we to judge if they are happy and in love?

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Regardless of age, this celeb couple seems well-suited for one another and their fans must agree.

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