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While it is not always easy to do, you have to decide it’s time to move on, to put your needs front and center.Next identify the emotions you experience from the abuse.Abuse tends to impede how we process thoughts and emotions.It very often contributes to PTSD, anxiety and OCD.Others have feelings of detachment or isolation; their self-worth and self-esteem are lowered.

While they may have some positive qualities, they hold toxic and unrealistic expectations which cannot be meet.

Since abuse can touch a person at the core of their mental and emotional abilities, it can be a sensitive subject to approach.

At Designed Thinking, our goal is to help clients release the discomfort of old painful memories as easily and effortlessly as possible.

Even if the abusers wants to change, they seldom want to put any real effort towards changing. They stick around hoping they can fix things and often end up blaming themselves for the state of the relationship.

The long term cumulative effects of abuse are often difficult to quantify.

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