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Using social media or gossip to spread rumors about a teacher is also a form of harassment.Both men and women can be victims, but studies show that women feel more likely to be victims and are also at a higher risk of being harassed than men.Teacher union and association members should reach out to their respective contacts for help and advice. A parent who continuously and unjustly criticizes, condemns, or harms a teacher to get his or her child's way is engaged in harassment.Teacher harassment by a parent can be verbal, written, or physical.In recent years, a slew of books have offered parents ample insight into the minds of young bullies.But what if it's the teacher who screams, threatens, or uses biting sarcasm to humiliate a child in front of the class?In most cases, an incident such as this will likely require district involvement.Another form might be through verbal and written communication.

No student should ever witness this, and no teacher deserves this treatment.

Harassment takes many forms: verbal, written, or physical.

The most serious form, physical harassment, such as assault, should never be tolerated and should be reported to the proper authorities, including your administrator.

Middle and high school teachers get harassed more than elementary teachers.

There are preventative actions and proactive actions that a teacher can take to deal with parent harassment as well as to avoid it altogether. Suppose a visibly upset parent requests a meeting with you regarding an issue.

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