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Lind Like most militaries, most police departments are not famous for their intellectual attainments. Up until now, the leading police agency in thinking about 4GW has been the Los Angeles Sheriffs Department. Titled Radicalization in the West: The Homegrown Threat and written by two NYPD Senior Intelligence Analysts, Mitchell D.

Silber and Arvin Bhatt, this monograph is an important contribution to the slowly-growing corpus of 4GW literature.

AI-Qaeda's own tactics alienated its base, which is usually a fatal political mistake, and for once we were wise enough not to get in the way of an enemy who was making a blunder.

Militarization automatically separates police from civil society, which leaves them blind and deaf.

Just as it seemed we were headed straight for a war with the Shiites, they sheered away.

We now appear to be doing the same; at least the papers here no longer report daily raids and air strikes on Shiite areas. But it does not explain the Mahdi Army's quiescence. Fighting the Americans is more likely to strengthen than weaken his hold on his own movement. The Sunday, November 18 New York Times made passing mention of a possible clue. If that is true, it bumps the same question up a level.

I have no secret agent in the Desert Fox's lair, so I cannot report what Mr. I doubt he is afraid of a confrontation with the U. It suggested that the Mahdi Army and some other Shiites have backed away from confronting the U. Why are the Iranians asking their allies in Iraq to give us a break?

I doubt it is out of charity, or fear, although elements within Iran that do not want a war with the United States seem to be gaining political strength. What if the Iranians had determined, rightly or wrongly (and I suspect rightly), that the Bush administration has already decided to attack Iran before the end of its term? First, try to maneuver the Americans into the worst possible position on the moral level by denying them pretexts for an attack.

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Second, they would tell their allies in Iraq to keep their powder dry.

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