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Gary Di Bileo of Scranton, was bound over on five counts of furnishing alcohol to minors; Luke Visser, of Encinitas, Calif., on seven counts of the same; and Michael Bonatucci, of Woodstock, Ga., on two counts.

They also were bound over on multiple counts of unlawful acts related to liquor.

No one called for help for nearly 12 hours, and Piazza later died of head, spleen, and lung injuries.

Prosecutors alleged a fraternity member deleted the video, but the FBI was able to recover it.

But much of the evidence also retreaded or expanded on ground covered last summer when the first preliminary hearing was held for 18 defendants. 1 ruling by Sinclair to throw out the most serious felony charges against eight of the fraternity members and remove all charges against four others.

Because of their lies, Baldwin has said, she had no reason to think their legal posture was in conflict with Penn State’s.

If Fina is found to have violated the ethical code in the hearing before three lawyers Thursday in Philadelphia, he could face penalties that include a reprimand or the loss of his law license.

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Mc Coy is a member of the Inquirer investigative team. Stone Medal, the Selden Ring Award, the Roy Howard Award and has twice been a finalist for the Pulitzer Prize. He faces an administrative hearing this week on charges of violating the ethical rules for lawyers in his prosecution of Penn State’s former president, Graham B. Specifically, he is accused of violating the ethics code for attorneys by subpoenaing a top lawyer for the university to testify about her conversations with Spanier and his aides.

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