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Therefore, departments and colleges are advised to consider very carefully whether to quote a specific start date.Departments and colleges should note that proof of qualification must be copied and retained.PLEASE NOTE that quoting a "from" salary is only appropriate where a salary may be offered which is a modest amount over the top of standard scale.If a salary significantly higher than the top of the standard scale may be offered you should use "Competitive salary" instead.

As colleges are unable to place adverts for other roles on the University website, however, they should ensure that they refer to the Home Office's Criteria for suitable media in order to determine acceptable places to advertise alongside the required Universal Jobmatch advert.

The use of “competitive salary” may only be used where all of the following conditions are met: • For University roles and joint appointments, a case has been approved by Division and the Senior Appointments Panel prior to advertising the role that the post in question can be paid above the pay scale.

Please discuss with the relevant Divisional office at the planning stage.

University research and/or teaching posts, and any post with an annual salary of £73,900 or more, must be advertised in (ii) either the University’s main vacancies web page, or one other place which meets the Home Office's Criteria for suitable media, as a minimum.

Please see the guidance on Advertising on Job Centre Plus (76kb) , which includes details of the services provided by the TMP Worldwide (formerly Tribal Advertising Agency).

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Please speak to SIT if you have any of these roles.

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