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He will have a small social circle as half of the people will tag him rude; half of the other half will never make an effort and will give up later. He needs constant love and affection which he reciprocates as well. Patience is what gets you through a relationship with a Pisces guy. If yes, some tips- if you are equally shy and reserved the relationship boat might take long to sail. Cancer, Scorpio and Capricorn are the best matches. A Pisces and a Pisces relation will be a too good to be true relation- they can connect emotionally well but the practical matters of life will be difficult to handle.

Virgos give the emotional stability that a fish yearns for. Being imaginative, dreamy and artistic he plans all these little details in his mind.

The lonely, brooding guy who is shy at first but later turns out to be your perfect friend/boyfriend/agony aunt besides other roles. A Pisces man will always be torn in two directions. He is dreamy, complex and weaves a parallel world for himself every now and then.

He worries about the problems, cribs about things but never faces them head on.Being the last sign in the list of zodiac signs, a Pisces man has the best of all signs.Loyal, imaginative, sensitive, romantic – he seems like an ideal guy straight out of movies. Here is the list of top 10 qualities of a Pisces man- Whoever said being dreamy is associated with girls must have never met a Pisces man.He prefers to be in his fantasy world where nothing wrong exists rather than the reality.This is why he needs a strong person in his life that will bring him back to reality.

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Men born under the sign of Pisces do not seek wealth or power.

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