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You are still the best original young man with amazing talent in acting. Fighting Oppa, I love you Really looking forward to your next project. In Pinocchio, the chemistry with Park Shin Hye (my number one favorite Korean actress) was outstanding..there will be another drama or even a movie with both of my fave stars. after reading all this comments i guss u have many fans :/ I Guss we dont need to blame them! I hope I can watch The Face Reader: a lot of actors I love Jong Suk in traditional clothes interesting story. Love you Lee Jong Suk I am one of your fans from Indonesia .. I wish you would read some of these positive comments and encourage yourself to keep on keeping on -- fighting!!! i agree with everyone else about getting a main lead.. Thebwink and click if your tongue makes me blush lol. I hope you have a longcareer and thanks for the hard work you put into each series you are a part of. I like theatrics "I Hear Your Voice and School 2013" .. Makes me wonder with 4444 votes, how in the world is his rating only an 89% ... I will follow his career all the way because I KNOW he has a God-given talent and ability as a great actor... ahh~~ ur soo fanatsic at acting i think if u were to join a kpop band u would be more fabulous.. Not to mention he is so handsome and charming and a bit blunt(? He is so talented in every drama I've watched just like in his movies! Lee Jong Suk is sooo handsome, adorakable, and such a dork. Although Pinnochio's plot and characters were a bit irritating, I still managed to watch through the drama =.= Anyways, I cant bring myself to watch W, even though I loveee Lee Jong Suk's Drama. 1 Fan from Philippines ughh i really can't stand a day without looking at your pictures and without watching your videosss Omg Lee Jong Suk is really really handsome and a very talented person i wish someday i'll meet him. His acting is so perfect,from his charming looks,manly voice lovely eyes,perfect body. Looking to see him more on screen in the near excited to see him portrying as a villain in his upcoming movie V. Seeing your drama i felt you r wonderful as a person,there is something in you thats very special,and you are damn cute♡.i started with I hear your voice ended up with now i am just sad that i have seen it all :(. I cried a lot when ever you were hurt in the drama , especially in the 3 episodes. I started searching his details and I watched all his movies and dramas even late at night. The hard work you put into acting shows really well. and success for your fan meeting tomorrow in Shanghai.. For someone such as myself who is not a fan of dramas or soap operas, I truly enjoyed your character and acting skills on the "I Hear Your Voice" drama. Ur #1 Fan *NEI* I'm excited to see the continuation of your loving relationship with Park Shin Hye after Pinocchio. Pinocchio was the first drama of lee jong suk that ive watched and must say he is a very incredible actor .. Lee jong suk is so so handsome and he is the best korean actor !!!!!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Ill be watching all of his dramas and movies now .. You are my favorite actor because you are cutie,talented your drama always drawn, I looked all drama where you shoot. wishing you to visit again the philippines and hopefully to got a picture with you.. I wish hope and pray that I'll be able to attend in your fanmeetings. I don't know why....since watching you at school 2013.... I think you are the best actor in Korea..I love your deep friendship with KWB. But Jong-Suk , i would do anything to have at list a photo with you.. Stranger when you witnessed your father's death and in I Can Hear Your Voice in the scene where your character inadvertently stabbed the woman you love. In that moment I started to like you and dreamed of meeting you someday. ooh i want to kiss him oooh i want to consume his whole body...... You dont want the poor guy to gag when he sees this web page ...I just love his lips they are just screaming KISS ME!! Its very natural and believable, I just loved him in secret garden. ; D Hope to see more of you in the future because I will be looking out for you in the future! Loved his acting in I Hear Your Voice and Pinnochio. I wish there is another drama that you and hhj were the actor and actress. Stay Healthy :) and More Films, Movies and Awards to come Idol :) From your no. love from ur biggest fan in the Philippines The first ever actor i am dying for... Sad to say ive finished them all down to W two worlds... I was so moved.among all dramas and actors and actresses i was moved by you Lee jong suk. Tears went rolling down my check when you fainted in the bus stop in the last episode. After watching I hear your voice, I can't help myself liking/loving/idolizing him. Dear Lee Jong Suk, I think your and amazing actor, your very talented and incredibly persuasive in your character roles. A." i'm sure they would love to have a fan meeting with you ;) Saranghae Oppa Jongsuk-aaahh :*, hope you will do a drama as soon as possible, Keep health Oppa.. I must recognize your acting skills, you are a talented individual. *fans self* Im so so so so much in love with jongsuk .. im just concern as one of your million fans in the world... MAHAL KA NAMIN :) :) :) done watching all your dramas and movies..i really enjoyed it a lot. you have captured my heart ^_^ I'm really looking forward on seeing you in many more movies and drama. I really excited when hear that you will role play at a new drama this november with Park Shin Hye.... I know that sometimes he's misunderstood by people because he is kind with everyone and he shows his kindness by touching that person or showing a wonderful smile so that people take it like a flirt action .. You portrayed your role very well and I congratulate you on a job well done! And I am looking forward to watching your newly released drama "Doctor Stranger". GOD bless you and take care always mwahh POSSIBLE SPOIL ALERT! When you cry, I feel like I want to comfort you, especially in the scenes in Dr. my first time to see you was in the drama " I Hear Your Voice" as Park So Ha ( an innocent man, who make his promise and make it true). oppa....saranghanda..the only word that i want to say...i'll support you....eventhough you could see me ..i'll always at your behind.... ~ ^.^ I've re-watched the series "I Can Hear Your Voice", you were excellent in it and it was a really good series, love it so much!! You're so cute and sexy it's almost criminal ;) Haha. regarding the looks it is too amazing that i think he made a surgery (ps i didnt search about it coz i dnt want to be dissappointed ) third the only reason i commented coz i saw all those comments below about how they want to sexually moleste him...... Not only is he very attractive but he is great actor. I am a hard core fan shipper of Park Shin Hye and Lee Jong Suk. Though I heard W is really good, I still cant watch it though. just to share i really do not often watch korean films and dramas but when i watched doctor stranger i never stopped watching k dramas and films of Lee Jong Suk. And i am so happy for him, i really wish he could be pair again with Ms. They have this undeniable chemistry that makes us fans fall in love with them. :) I am looking forward on his upcoming dramas and movies(I am patiently waiting though I really miss him on screen esp. i'm positive you would make it big as an actor and model in America as well. hey dude better treat her good & love her with all ur HEART. The distance between both of you is 868 km but I feel there is NO DISTANCE between your love. Not to fix anything or do anything in particular but just to let us feel we are supported and cared about." Oh my, read this.... The chemistry between lee jong suk and park shin hye was off the hook! Besides the charming smile, really admire his acting and great expressions. In prosecutor princes I did notice him, but I think the reason he did not stand out for most of the audience is because all the focus was on the main actors, hence his character was not so developed and thus he could no show off his excellent acting skills. I like your acting skills.....specially in your new drama pinocchio..can easily capture the feelings of the viewers....also looking forward to all of your drama series....up the good work Anneong! I like they way you act, you smirk and the way u joke. I love you very much Dana from Kazakhstan I love you since first time i see in secret garden.. ur act improving drastically truly real amazing one... In school 2013, i hear your voice, doctor stranger, hot young blood, no breathing, pinocchio... at first i didn't like you at first but after watching you in pinocchio i was really impressed that i watched the 8 episodes all together without a break nd i just finished now watching them :p it's 00h:45' here in Tunisia;:))) there is really awsome chemistry between u nd our lovely PSH Oi.........u please tell me where you went for you acting career aye??? You know what you're so good in acting and you're so handsome. Hope to see him again in a television drama show with kim woo bin.. tv project like Philippine's MY HUSBAND's LOVER would be a perfect story as their project. You are indeed a good and talented actor :) I really loved korean dramas! Please continue to choose to choose parts that will challenge your acting and go beyond your comfort zone. If you choose only movies, it will be somewhat limiting as an actor because there isn't any character building, but it might be more lucrative for you.

SARANGHAEYO :) I love every movies and dramas you do. You are still young, Hope you will be more successful and acclaimed actor in the future. Then I watched IHYV, i didn't know it was the same guy...complete transformation! Then i watch Doctor Stranger and he so HOT AND HANDSOME AF. I can't express how exited I was when I found out that he was doing a drama with my favorite actress Park Shin hye in Pinnochio . Please come back and sign a drama contract , all your fans missing you, why you only do comercial and photoshoot when you are the most popular drama actor? I was thinking how wonderful she would be as an actress to play with Lee Jong Suk. I may be wrong but I gather Jong Suk is such a emotional and devoted young man to his beloved ones. I don't knew if i can get over this crush on you ,, you were amazing .. I read about his article about his role in IHYV and he said he's too emotional in his role, but i think its suit Park Soo Ha's character. You have a great performance in "I can hear your voice" you and every actors and actresess is a perfect casting for this dramaserie. I'm currently watching you act in School 2013 and you're so great! I'm planning on watching I Can Hear Your Voice next, I can't wait! It dosen't matter that people will forget you one day. But, now that he's playing a somewhat same characteristic but as straight in High Kick 3. keke You need to do more shows or movies, or at least one where you are the main actor. I mostly tink that in SG being gay was just part of his character,but if he is in real life goo for him!!! First and foremost, I don't think saying things like 'I won't say that he is cute' was a good idea if you can't even get your thoughts across in straight English. The way he look at oska is kinda sticky, like what other gays doing:)) hahaha! U were became famous and your instagram account hits million and millions of followers after the show has been aired last 2016. She’s really the best of all actress that u pair with. hope you have chosen the right agency for you.luck prince!!! I like the words you said something like these..."every walk of life has its own prize" ive got what I wanted but lost something I didn't like to lose" I'm just curious, what's something that you lose? it's ok, this I need you to know-- I looked up on you a lot because you're a talented and versatile actor, have a brilliant mind, aside from being so handsome. hello, my handsome prince, I'm in low spirit now, really down --because of the news that park shin hye is dating other man instead of you. I concluded that you two have been dating but not yet exposed in public, news now shocked me. After watching the VIP I'm sure that smile will hunt me for days. I've been following lee jong suk after I first watched his Pinocchio, Dr stranger, I hear your voice. W I've watch too but I can't appreciate much, while you were sleeping-- not excited to watch . This is my first time that I'm rooting for a korean actor. I hope you and park shin hye will end up together, you are perfect together, pls. May god take u at the top of the success and bless u with healthy and wealthy life Hi, I'm your big fan from the Philippines. Lee Jong Suk I'm your biggest fan from Pakistan I really like all your dramas specially Pinocchio, Doctor Stranger & While you were sleeping keep making dramas you inspire many people! i really admire you a lot since you are a good and versatile actor, aside from being so handsome and intelligent, trying to collect all your shows (cd) but sometimes those way back 4 years ago is no longer available. Jong suk Oppa I'm really big fan of you I have to learn korea to visit you and I came from Chechnya grozny that land is is really far from you but i will do every thing to see you with my own Eyes. Though there's no doubt all your dramas are appreciative, "I can hear your voice" and "Pinocchio" are my favorite as far. i love myself a talented handsome man aw ❤️ looking forward to your next drama(s) :) One of my most favourite actor. I terribly missed Instagram latest posts of my prince --lee jong suk-- also my princess park shin hye. here again, just to tell you that I'm not tired watching your film, but didn't watch while you're ...., you're so good in acting, aside from being so handsome with a pearly white skin.. she is a good actress just like you--a good and versatile actor,she's beautiful, you are so handsome and both of you are educated.. I hope u will do more work together.again love u and god bless u. You're such a good actor, thank you always I watching your dramas I feel really happy.

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