Pokemon trading card game online not updating

common, only egregious examples should be listed here, otherwise this entry would take over the entire wiki.

Aversions or subversions should probably be left out as well, since that's (hopefully) the default.

like seeing how they're cheating." The computer player is a cheating bastard whenever the "rules" differ between you and AI-controlled opponents.

If the game looks at the way your characters have been customized and the AI is then given strategies or abilities specifically designed to counter yours, that's not , per se (it's entirely possible that you could encounter a human player with a team that counters yours perfectly!

Consistent bad luck, however, may be a sign that the computer is using the RNG to cheat. See also The Computer Is a Lying Bastard, Computers Are Fast, Gameplay and Story Segregation, The GM Is A Cheating Bastard, Nintendo Hard, Random Number God, and Redemption Demotion.

Some games have even used the fact that their AI is than home console versions.

His reply was that it is the policy of the corporation.

I then said that it is a ridiculous policy to not allow a return of some of the most sought after Funko Pop characters from a megapopular show.

Answer 1: The phone number for Game Stop is (817) 424-2000. After being put on hold many time the gentleman told me that I could not dispute the purchase until it was not longer pending on my account.

I called back once this was posted to my bank account and was then told that I could not dispute a purchase because it was against policy.

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Ironically, players often think the AI is cheating when it isn't, such as strings of good luck from an RNG that is actually perfectly fair, while not noticing at all the subtle and behind-the-scenes ways that the computer is include "fair challenges" of the game (wide pits, powerful / numerous enemies, etc.); those are Real Difficulty.

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