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They are socially penalized to maintain the status quo.

A non-monogamous woman will be portrayed as debased and disgusting — a "slut." When I have discussed my open relationships online, I have been called many other colorful names.

This model can then be internalized by women as a "romantic" ideal inculcated via fairytales.

In a similar vein, rather than allowing only men to have more than one partner, we can instill a subtler cultural belief that men's infidelity is "natural" and therefore excusable, while women's infidelity is not.

Our ideals of "romantic" love regulate not just our expectations about sex but also our conceptions of family and the nature of parenthood.

Ultimately, what we call "romantic" is a philosophical issue that touches on the core of who we (think we) are, and what we value.

What's surprising is that so many people feel the need for secrecy. Because of this, non-monogamous people who aren't out often feel able to talk to me about their own situations.There's no longer anything unusual about wanting an open relationship.Many who consider themselves progressive about sex, gender, love, and relationships know this.Romantic love maintains a wholly "natural" image, evading challenge or critical scrutiny by seeming inevitable, incomprehensible, and wonderful. We need to question the limits we have placed on what counts as a "romantic" relationship.Freedom to love — the right to choose one's own relationships without fear, shame or secrecy — is critical, not just for individuals but for us all collectively.

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