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Once such a pool of TNA strands has been generated, a process of selection must successfully identify members that can perform a given function, excluding the rest.As a test case, the team hoped to produce through molecular evolution, a TNA strand capable of acting as a high-specificity, high-affinity binding receptor for the human protein thrombin.

The DNA portion was removed and used as a template for further amplification, while the TNA molecules displaying high-affinity, high specificity binding properties were retained.With the aid of specialized enzymes known as polymerases, RNA assembles amino acids to form essential proteins.Remarkably, the basic functioning of the genetic code remains the same, whether the organism is a snail or a senator, pointing to a common ancestor in the DNA-based microbial life already flourishing some 3.5 billion years ago.They are simpler than the five-carbon pentose sugars found in both DNA and RNA and could assemble more easily in a prebiotic world, from two identical two-carbon fragments.This advantage in structural simplicity was originally thought to be an Achilles’ heel for TNA, making its binding behavior incompatible with DNA and RNA.

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Such work draws on the startling realization that fundamental Darwinian properties – self-replication, mutation and selection – can operate on non-living chemicals.

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