Pregnant dating the baby isnt mine

I just don't want to find out 9months down the road that it isn't mine after all the time spent with her and the kiddo what about getting a amniocentesis for paternity. if I'm not mistaking would have got pregnant in April .. you can find out if the baby is ur that way and that b4 the baby is born and u don't have to wait for 9 months. i'dk what to do I wanna get a DNA test done but what can I do ? She never got pregnant while we were having sex, then we brake up and she has sex with someone else and voila she's pregnant.I don't think it's my baby but she says the guy used a condom, I don't know if I believe her. She refused to let him go to the doctor with her to confirm the pregnancy unless he promised to get back together with her and marry her. So, he refused to get back together with her, he flat out refused to marry her, he refused to give her one thin red dime for the doctors office or else - until she first, gave him confirmation from the doctors office that she was, in fact, pregnant and second, gave him dna confirmation that the child was his.

Pregnancy normally lasts from 37 weeks to 42 weeks from the first day of your last period.

this happened to my husband (at the time he was just about to become my boyfriend) with his psycho ex-girlfriend.

Second, if she is pregnant, then you have every right to ask for a dna test if she is going to keep the pregnancy. One test can be performed at 10 weeks and another starting at 14 weeks. P) on you (it is a legal document that cannot be broken after 60 days of being filed), then you can request that a paternity test be taken or that the . Do not sign Just take her on the maury povich show entitled "who is my baby's daddy?

One rumor supposed that he was dating Alexa Chung and wanted to have a baby with her.

I'm 18 and recently moved on, now my ex says she is pregnant with my child. There may also be a possibility it is yours and so u'll have to do a dna test, and if she doesnt agree to one, then I think she would be hiding something. Help her out as much as you can because if the baby is yours and you might have missed out on important parts in his/her life Hi.. Because it is all about whether you have to pay.... My best advice, having gone along with all of that with him, would be to ask for confirmation of the pregnancy itself.

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