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He is now dating one girl exclusively, and it is quite serious. But what’s often forgotten is that they’re only kids.

146 (2010).] In Spring 2010, I wrote an article reviewing the treatment by Major League Baseball (“MLB”), the National Football League (the “NFL”) and the National Basketball Association (the “NBA”) of professional athletes who are accused of domestic violence.[1] At the time, there was very little written on the subject—a number of articles in the late 1990s focusing on the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman by famous former running back, O. Simpson (and the countless 911 domestic violence calls placed by Nicole Brown Simpson that preceded those deaths) and some pioneering works by author Jeff Benedict.[2] Just five years later, the story is quite different.Whether it was the difficulty of removing scratches on his car or just the maturity that comes with age, Shipman is no longer the philanderer that he was during his freshman year.Because of his escapades, he started to earn a bad reputation. Athletes like Shipman are often lionized for their on-field accomplishments and charged with the responsibility of being role models for the community.The Ravens tweeted (and later deleted): “Janay Rice says she deeply regrets the role that she played the night of the incident”.[9] Janay Rice has since said that she is glad the incident brought awareness to the issue of domestic violence.[10] The leagues, the public and even Congress are now debating the issue of violence against women.[11] Violence against women is not unique to professional sports, but professional sports provides a unique platform from which we can judge not only the leagues’ reaction to violence against women, but also the consequent response (or lack of response) by the criminal justice system.Some may argue that MLB, the NFL and the NBA should only be concerned with the on-field behavior of their respective athletes, but this is not the stance the leagues have taken.

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