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That is not what this country is supposed to be about." From this perspective, myriad questions arise: In what ways does Sanders tone, style and point of view reflect those of La Follette? In exploring other articles about current events in The Progressive, how do contemporary issues in progressive politics compare to the ones faced by La Follette over a century ago? La Follette Papers – coming soon from History Vault! Archival collections documenting the most important and widely studied topics in eighteenth- through twentieth-century American history.

This partnership between Pro Quest and the WHS means that La Follette’s original correspondence, speeches, writings and Republican party records will be digitally available to researchers around the world.

As previously mentioned, La Follette founded his own publication, La Follette’s Weekly (later simply known as La Follette’s) as a platform to lay out his radical ideas on labor reform, environmental protections, gender and racial equality and equitable distribution of the nation’s wealth and power.

The magazine continues to be published out of Madison, Wisconsin, though its name was changed in 1929 to The Progressive. In April 2016, an article by John Nichols, “What is a Progressive?

” Access to the La Follette Papers deepens insights for scholars who use Unger’s book for important background and context in their research on La Follette, enabling them to directly consult the primary source documents she references to conduct their own analysis and develop their own conclusions. Unger devotes an entire chapter of Fighting Bob to the “Incident in Philadelphia” which occurred in the contentious lead-up to the 1912 presidential election.

As La Follette sought the Republican nomination, a rift in the party pitted conservatives and progressives against each other, with tensions also flaring within each of these factions. Unger, La Follette arrived for the event at 11pm, prepared to the deliver the next-to-last speech of the night, following Democratic candidate Woodrow Wilson.

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Researchers can find abundant analysis on what happened that night in sources such as newspaper and journal articles in addition to Dr. But with access to the La Follette Papers in History Vault, researchers can also examine other La Follette’s speeches first-hand from the period 1879-1906 and study them in the context of other primary source documents, such as La Follette’s correspondence.

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