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I have an eclipse shortcut icon on the top panel that execute: #!/bin/bash ECLIPSE_CONFIG_PATH="/opt/eclipse/configuration" ECLIPSE_CONFIG_FILE="config.ini" ECLIPSE_CONFIG_SETTING="osgi.default" DEFAULT_WORKSPACE_PATH="@user.home/workspace" ECLIPSE_LOG="/var/log/eclipse.log" cd $ function sedeasy WORKSPACE_EXISTS=$(cat $ | grep $) # If workspace setting doesn't exists if [ -z "$WORKSPACE_EXISTS" ]; then echo "worskspace setting not exists, resetting to default." $ else # if setting exist but it is empty vals=($) length=$(echo $) if [ "$" -lt 2 ]; then new Conf=$"="$ conf To Replace=$(echo $) sedeasy $ $ $ echo "worskspace exists but is empty, resetting to default." Projects" was already checked for me; swtiching with Documents has no effect.Mona is correct - Make sure that you have the task list set to show ALL as the image shows.Click the arrow to the left of the project if you want to re-factor your filter.if you use the "Task List" view of Eclipse, it will sometimes try to hide files or projects that it thinks are not associated with a given task (i.e.any file that was not opened while you had a certain task selected as the current task).Reset your perspective if you do not see the task list. After an hour or so of trying to make that appear, restarting servers, mysql, eclipse, adding jars that weren't needed before, I deployed the fix all solution, the off button. (I am still none the wiser as to why calling Configuration() should now require jboss-logging...jar, maybe I needed it all along for when bad things happen) My input is I found a solution that worked better for me.

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However, this problem recently re-occurred for me, and that solution did not work in my case. I had the same problem in Luna, Suddenly my projects were gone in start-up.

I solved this by select Deselect working set option in the drop-down menu in Project Explorer.

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