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In December 2014, a Boston woman says she was kidnapped and raped by an Uber driver named Alejandro Drone.

Some people, such as myself, don’t trust Ubers because of this. Since that case, Drone has been to five more rape cases dating back to 2006.

Uber drivers often carry auxiliary cords where customers can plug in their own music and listen to it.

Uber is a company that I can see lasting for a very long time, if they do a better job on screening their drivers and offer more training.

Smart decision, but there are a few cons along with the pros.

Uber, if you didn’t know already, is a company where people can sign up to be drivers and pick up people in their own cars.

Many customers say that Ubers are much cleaner than taxis.

Whatever sport it is—basketball, football, hockey, etc.—college teams are definitely becoming as huge as their professional counterparts.Uber can be a reliable solution of trying to get somewhere when you don’t feel like driving or when you just don’t have a car.Instead of having to hail down a car and fight with someone else to get it, you can request an Uber just for you and it’ll come pick you up.The driver would take longer routes on purpose to raise the charge of the ride.There are such things are surge pricing or primetime pricing, which means it may cost more during the times when more Ubers are requested.

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Other than being annoyed that he kept slamming on the brakes, I realized how fast the meter would keep going.

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