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Siddh Matrika seems to have been the prevalent script for devotional writings in Punjab right up to the founding of Sikhism, after which its successor Gurmukhī appears.Pritam Singh (1992) has also traced the origins of Gurmukhī to the Siddha Matrika.We are 2 people in this relationship, Mehek - don't make it 3! Almost every second couple in Punjab these days, is exploring Europe, Australia and New Zealand on their honeymoons (even the people who are middle-class, they somehow save and pack their bags and get going! Punjabis always respect elders, unlike some other cultures in India where kids are calling their parents as 'tu'! If you are dating a Punjabi guy, and he is serious for you - he will marry you. They don't care about society or people once they commit. Above all, a Punjabi guy is a really emotional one. The thing I love about Punjabi guys is their male-ego. I am referring to the male-ego in a sense where if some guy has passed a comment on you, or touched you inappropriately or done anything to annoy you - God save him from the wrath of your boyfriend! More than a boyfriend in a relationship, a Punjabi guy will be your best-friend!On one date, I tried to pay, but he threw my purse away saying that I was trying to create a drift. For those who say I don't have any self-respect - well, my guy and I meet for only 3 times in one year as we are in a long-distance relationship, and after so much time and distance, when we meet for a few hours for a movie or lunch, I let him do what makes HIM happy! Chances are - you might see yourself pulling pranks on your dates, rather than sitting like a usual couple, fighting over which soup to order! If he loves you - he will do anything for you - ANYTHING! A Punjabi guy will give his life before someone touches his woman and he can even take another man's life for touching his woman! You can share anything with him, any time you want and he will always welcome it! If you date a Punjabi guy, and you end up marrying him - chances are that you are going to have the most amazing wedding out of all your friends!Of course, running a busy, restaurant that has a long and diverse history in the heart of London's West End isn’t easy.We have always set our standards high and from this, we have built a restaurant that has a reputation for excellent authentic Punjabi service and food, that is known around the world.The local Takri variants got the status of official scripts in some of the Punjab Hill States, and were used for both administrative and literary purposes until the 19th century.After 1948, when Himachal Pradesh was established as an administrative unit, the local Takri variants were replaced by Devanagari.

Chances are, he will pay for almost all of your dates (being a gentleman) and he will rather 'enjoy' spending on you if he loves you. Some people said it is hypocrite that I call my guy a gentleman just because he pays - my answer to them is - NO!

In a cursory look, the Gurmukhi script appears different from other Indic scripts such as Bengali, Oriya, Tibetan or Devanagari, but a closer examination reveals they are similar except for angles and structural emphasis. Singh (1950), while quoting al-Biruni's Ta'rikh al-Hind (1030 CE), says that the script evolved from Ardhanagari.

There are two major theories on how the Proto-Gurmukhī script emerged in the 15th century. Al-Biruni writes that the Ardhanagari script was used in Bathinda and western parts of the Punjab in the 10th century.

This theory is confusing as Gurmukhī characters have a very close resemblance with "Siddh Matrika" inscriptions found at some sacred wells in Punjab as G.

B Singh notes, one being the hathur inscription dating to just before the birth of Guru Nanak.

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Don't be freaked out if he FORCES you to SHOP! And no, I don't FORCE him to pay but it's his choice, he never lets me pay because paying for the dates makes "him" happy. It's not that I never offer to pay or always ask him to pay. Punjabi kids are taught to respect their elders since the day we are born. All the tragic yet, historical love stories - ranging from Heer-Ranjha to Sohni-Mahiwal are Punjabi! No idea about other culture-guys, but a Punjabi guy is usually really possessive for his girlfriend.

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