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Jer, a natural prankster, makes sure they have fun every day – even after 15 years.“Our [tween] boys roll their eyes,” Heidi adds, “but we think it’s important for them to see an example of a fun, healthy marriage.” Cathy and Jeremy have been married for over 30 years and still make fun time together a priority.This simple shared activity helps them focus on each other and enjoy the beauty of their city.Ted Cunningham includes in the broadcast a call for all of us to set an example of a fun, thriving marriage – much like Heidi and Jer want to set for their sons: "To me, part of painting a beautiful picture of marriage for the young people in our community and for the – dare we say it again – average couple in our community, is to not lead out with this: 'It's grueling; it's painful. We'll all process that at some point in our marriage, but to continue to paint this beautiful picture of companionship in marriage." God desires us to become more Christlike through marriage by learning selflessness, patience, grace and much more, but He also desires for us to be more like Him through laughter, joy and celebration.They’ll feel appreciated knowing you’re willing to step outside of your box and you’ll get to know them better as a result.Laura and Scott have yet to celebrate their first anniversary, but they’ve learned to do something similar to Cathy and Jeremy.

*1 Hara Estroff Marano, “The Benefits of Laughter,” Psychology Today, published April 29, 2003, last reviewed June 9, 2016.

Perhaps you both like to do to do things outdoors like Rolf and Nadia.

Or maybe you both like activities where you get to be creative.

Find the overlap in your Venn diagram of hobbies and give them a try! Their hobbies are different, as are their tastes in movies, music and books.

They eventually realized, though, that they both enjoy being goofy and watching silly comedies together.

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