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For your daily elegant routine, however, ditch the etiquette and showcase your personal style.Dare to don a coloured bow tie made of a unique fabric – burgundy wool is perfect with a tweed jacket for a stroll in the countryside, while blue striped linen is a nice pick for a sunny walk along the seashore.

Close your eyes and imagine that you’re back in ancient Greece as a young athlete takes a break between fights.And ladies, you don’t need to be left out of the loop.Why not get inspired by the quirky guise of Marlene Dietrich and steal your man’s favourite bow tie from time to time? Once upon a time, there was a woman who had a magical wooden box, carefully stored in her wardrobe.They were so tight that she had to put some talc on her fingers before slipping them in.But once she was gloved, every gesture she made was like a caress.

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To grasp the wheel with gloved hands is definitely part of a luxurious driving experience.”Even if you don’t drive an expensive racing car every day, be sure they’ll make you feel – and look – like the reincarnation of Gatsby.

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