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Just because initially there is a highly seductive “zing” quality to the attraction does not mean that the dating partner is healthy.

To protect yourself from someone who may end up behaving out of narcissism, it is best to allow the connection to unfold slowly and observe to see if actions and words are matching up.

I pride myself on being a strengths-focused therapist, in direct opposition of any of such disempowering diagnostic nomenclature.

An individual with narcissistic tendencies may also want to know all about you, but then may fake being your soul mate by rushing you into consenting to a relationship/marriage/cohabitation/business arrangement (Hotchkiss, 2010).

If you have encountered an individual who seems to display these qualities, or are considering leaving a relationship with a similar person, it is in your best interests to get yourself out of the relationship as quickly as possible. Permission to publish granted by Andrea Schneider, LCSW, therapist in San Dimas, California The preceding article was solely written by the author named above.

Sexual chemistry is not the same thing as healthy bonding and attachment.

A healthy person will want to get to know your personality, dreams, and interests, and slowly evolve the relationship.

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