Radiocarbon dating its scope and limitations

For the public, such “ancestry” tests are simply a black box.With this “Wild West” atmosphere, it is hardly a stretch to think that a company might report DNA results more skewed to political or commercial interests than to reality.

As social scientists, we wanted to know more about how white people, particularly white nationalists, interpret DNA ancestry tests to justify racial purity.Pure club-rush tuber bread is brittle, crumbly, and flaky, but the addition of bread wheat () flour (i.e., gluten) allows for the production of elastic dough that can be pressed onto the walls of a tandir-type oven structure and be baked (18).Evidence for cereal and club-rush tuber preparations have been identified at late Neolithic sites in Turkey (2) and The Netherlands (20).Here’s a story describing one of these cases: “Another DNA Testing Company Reportedly Gets Fooled by Dog DNA”.Such cases point to the real problem that some companies doing business in this area are not maintaining best practices, to say the least.

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