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Despite this wealth of evidence, it is important to understand that, from the perspective of observational science, no one can prove absolutely how young (or old) the universe is.Only one dating method is absolutely reliable—a witness who doesn’t lie, who has all evidence, and who can reveal to us when the universe began!The same also applies to women who are hooking up with older men and leave young and handsome men questioning what could be possibly wrong with them.Pamela Sigi, a relationship counselor at a local university in Nairobi says that it is not wrong for men or women to get hooked up to older people.Older women don't cheat Nairobi men argue that they are dating and marrying older women because they don't engage in extramarital affairs.They claim older women are contented with life and it is rare to get them with 'mpango wa kandos' as is the case with some younger women.Here are 5 reasons why Nairobi young men go for older women:1.Older women are independent Nairobi men love independent women who can take care of themselves.

In the rush to examine all these amazing scientific “evidences,” it’s easy to lose sight of the big picture.Older women are patient Nairobi men say that older women are more patient compared to the younger women.They argue that these women don't rush things and often give them time to get money and other important things."An older woman will support you realize your dreams and will not live you even if things go bad," Jackson Sande, a city resident adds.5.With this research we can challenge those who reject God’s clear Word and defend the biblical worldview.Indeed, God’s testimony must have such a central role in our thinking that it seems demeaning even to call it the “best” evidence of a young earth.

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Forensic scientists must make multiple assumptions about things they cannot observe. Reaching the correct conclusions requires the right starting point. This is the revealed Word of the almighty, faithful, and true Creator, who was present to observe all events of earth history and who gave mankind an infallible record of key events in the past.

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