Ron and hermione dating

The relationship of Hermione and Ron is one of the strongest in Harry Potter, even if the same can't be said for other couples in Harry Potter, who were either completely toxic or just had their fair share of some really unhealthy moments. Rowling may believe that Hermione should have married Harry instead of Ron, but I must disagree with the beloved author.

These kids were a hot mess and Rowling showed how merciless she can be when it comes to toxic relationships by killing poor Lavender off in Deathly Hallows.Viktor Krum genuinely liked his Herm-Own-Ninny and the pair themselves weren't too toxic, but Ron's jealousy toward them certainly was unhealthy.There was no way their relationship could have ever worked out with Hermione being so close to Ron.Back in 2014, my world was almost shattered when HP author Rowling announced that Hermione and Harry should have married instead of Hermione and Ron.While Ron and Hermione's relationship is far from perfect (I blame Ron), I had been a Ron and Hermione 'shipper from the get-go and Rowling herself used to not disagree with the fact that Harry and Hermione 'shippers were delusional.

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