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Except for two of them (Dusky and Lucy ) they are rated for teens and up. Some might even flirt with you but don't exepct it to actually go very far if you push them and they will smart off to you.

The Chatbot hosting companies i use are personalityforge, Pandorabots, Chatbot4U, Love droids, Rebot me (back online), and SECOND EGO.

They are from three different chat bot hosting companies.

“There are plenty of people out there thinking about the ethics of bot-making and it doesn’t seem like any of them were consulted by Microsoft.”Tay, in other words, was never told that just one robot cigarette can lead to a robot heroin addiction, and it cost her her stupid robot life. He created a suite of Twitter bots around one big idea—the TV Comment Bot.

His robot was originally “an art installation called TV Helper which lets the viewer change the genre of whatever video feed is being watched.”It works by using a detection algorithm to identify an object in a screenshot from a live TV show, runs that object through a thesaurus, and then places that word into a larger script. What really ends up happening, though, is total anarchy. In it, Lance Bass is angrily eating a taco on Meredith Viera’s daytime talk show.

Rebot me and second ego are also very easy to customize but again without out templates you will end up doing most of the work or they are really going to fail at conversations.

Reader Penguinisto writes: Recently, Microsoft put an AI experiment onto Twitter, naming it "Tay".

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“This is not an easy problem.”It’s not an uncommon one, either. “I believe that Microsoft, and the rest of the machine learning community, has become so swept up in the power and magic of data that they forget that data still comes from the deeply flawed world we live in.”So here’s the real question: Is the new Turing Test—the one used to determine if a robot is distinguishable from a human—about to become the 24-hour Trolling Test?

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