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i do get the idea of temp tables and what not, but what i want to know is if i can get a snippet or sample for a mysql update using the records on the listbox? To update a table from a List Box/Combo Box is not a direct task. Date Initiated FROM TBLLOAN INNER JOIN Tbl Refinance ON TBLLOAN.

A control on a form will update by a combobox/listbox.

Your choice of using a Temp Table should be for some other reason then to supply records to a form Control.

What is wrong with my code I really need help on this Thanks Jamie lill Hello jamielill, Welcome to the Forum! You forgot to place a period before Row Source when you clear it.

Here is an sql that is the Row Source of a Combo Box SELECT Tbl Refinance.

Refinance Amount " & _ "FROM Tbl Refinance " & _ "WHERE (((Tbl Refinance. Populate form control 'add code to set control properties and populate 'No data in Form Control. Refinance Amount " & _ "FROM Tbl Refinance " & _ "WHERE (((Tbl Refinance. Check your Loan Application and try again." End If Else 'disable combobox Refinance ID. Enabled = False End If Else 'disable combobox Refinance ID. Set Warnings False str SQL = "UPDATE Tbl Refinance SET Tbl Refinance. If it all works out, when you have updated teh combobox, the a table record is updated with the combobox data. all i really want is a loop code for the query on the listbox so each pk for the query will be matched on the original table and updated if necessary. and perhaps there's another way to deal with this than loops. Good practice with your original post is to state your software including your mysql backend. Recordset Dim Sql String As String ' Variable to hold SQL String Dim Repay Freq As String ' Repayment Fortnightly, Monthly or Weekly Dim Current Balance As Currency ' Balance As At each 14 days from the Start Date of the Loan plus 14 days Dim Late Fee Rate As Currency ' Kina Amount of Late Fee to be charged each fortnight Dim Repay Total As Currency ' Kina amount of accumulated Repayments up to Given Date Dim Repay Prev As Currency ' Kina Amount Repaid Up To Last Fortnight Dim Repay Amount As Currency ' Kina Amount Due to be Repaid Each Fortnight Dim Commence Date As Date ' Loan Commencement Date - Start Date plus 14 days Dim Repay Count As Integer ' Count of Fortnights as Function Loops - Increases by 1 each loop Dim Repay Num As Integer ' Number of Repayments agreed to for Loan Dim Late Fee Due As Currency ' Accummulated Late Fee now being calculated Dim Late Fee Now As Currency ' Kina Charge of Late Fee to be charged as at this date Dim Late Fees Charged As Currency ' Kina Amount of Late fees charged as at given date Dim Loan Total Owing As Currency ' Kina Amount of Loan to Pay Dim Skip This Date As Date ' Date No Late Fee is to be Charged Repay Count = 1 'Set Variable to start at 1 Late Fee Due = 0 'Set variable to Zero Late Fee Now = 0 'Set Variable to Zero Repay Total = 0 'Set Variable to Zero Repay Prev = 0 'Set Variable to Zero 'Find Loan Commence Date Sql String = "SELECT TBLLOAN. LDSt AS Start Date " & _ "FROM TBLLOAN " & _ "WHERE (((TBLLOAN.

Show me how to view data types Access now provides two ways to view the data types for a table field.

You can use the commands on the Datasheet tab, or you can open the table in Design view.

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An Access database is not a file in the same sense as a Microsoft Office Word 2007 document or a Microsoft Office Power Point 2007 slide deck.

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