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Tip: you can place the Kee Pass database in the folder of a cloud syncing provider on the device to use syncing.Vanilla Kee Pass does not support syncing out of the box, but you can use this workaround or plugins to enable the functionality if you require it.If you add a second authentication option to it, keyfile for instance, then you increase the security of the database even further.Attackers need the master password and the keyfile to break the password database successfully.

The review focuses on the Windows version of Kee Pass, and here in particular version 2.x as it offers more features.The creation of a new password database is straightforward but it requires more user interaction and offers more options than the creation of a new account for an online password manager: Most of the preferences that Kee Pass provides are optional.You only need to select a name, location and master password if you want but if you are an advanced user, you can customize the database to better suite your needs.Local password managers run on the local device and store the data on the device by default and not the cloud.Mixed password managers support both features and give the user the choice to pick the most suitable option.

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Adding new passwords to Kee Pass is simple; Select Edit Add Entry to get started.

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