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During the date, subtly drop clues about what a good catch you are.

For example, mention that you’ve got a dog (you’re responsible), that you are hoping for a promotion next year (financially stable), and that you love playing with your brother’s kids (good daddy material).

If the reason she says no to the date is because she is busy, then she will respond by saying something affirmative, like “maybe next week instead?

It will just make you seem desperate – something no woman finds attractive.If you really like a girl and want to see her again, then I’d say you Depending on how open the girl is sexually, you might want to wait until 3 or 4 dates before you sleep with her.However, you shouldn’t wait too long to get into bed with a girl.*Use this rule to tell if a girl is too young/old for you: Take the older age and divide it in half. You like a girl and she’s expressed interest (this can be something as simple as making eye contact or handing over her phone number). Yes, I know there are all these new social norms about girls asking guys. Ask her to go out on Tuesday instead when the stress of that meeting is over. So, if a guy is 30, then the youngest girl he can date is 22 (30 ÷ 2 7 = 22). Girls like guys who take the initiative, aka So, if you know that she has an important work meeting on Monday, don’t ask her out on Sunday.

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