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The religion influences their family traditions very much.

One of the main features of Ukrainian and Russian women is that they consider family and children to be their main value.

Peter married twice and had 11 children, many of whom died in infancy.

The eldest son from his first marriage, Alexis, was convicted of high treason by his father and secretly executed in 1718.

In 1709, he defeated the Swedish army by purposely directing their troops to the city of Poltva, in the midst of an unbearable Russian winter. Petersburg on the Neva River and moved the capital there from its former location in Moscow. Petersburg was deemed Russia's "window to Europe."Under Peter's rule, Russia became a great European nation.

In 1721, he proclaimed Russia an empire and was accorded the title of Emperor of All Russia, Great Father of the Fatherland, and "the Great." Although he proved to be an effective leader, Peter was also known to be cruel and tyrannical.

He concentrated on developing commerce and industry and created a gentrified bourgeoisie population.

For example, a lot of Christmas concerts and events are held in various cities and towns, and Christian Russian women gladly visit them.

So, if you meet Christian Russian singles, you have an opportunity to find an attentive and faithful wife.

The other days I like to jog in the morning before work. For example, cooking and baking gives me sense of satisfaction and happiness of creating something awesome and incredible. Christian online dating in Ukraine and Russia just begins to develop.

Peter was a far-sighted and skillful diplomat who abolished Russia's archaic form of government and appointed a viable Senate, which regulated all branches of administration, as well as making, groundbreaking accomplishments in Russia's foreign policy.

Peter acquired territory in Estonia, Latvia and Finland; and through several wars with Turkey in the south, he secured access to the Black Sea.

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