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And I dream about the time when I come to you and we will be together. By all means I will pay less if I do everything through one agency. I did get a phone call from her in the wee hours of the morning, once. I think that you understand me and your vital purposes are similar to mine and I in shower hope that sometimes our hearts are meet. As you know I work by the seller-consultant in a tradehouse. Always it's pleasant to surprise the friends, to see at their reaction. Except for that in days off a lot of time I spend on home jobs.I am really looking forward to the time i fly to you, I think we will have unforgetable vacations. Reading further down the blacklist, I found letters from others that match the ones I recieved almost word for word. I've been writing Irina for about 2 1/2 months now and thought she was a real sweetheart, and for real. I like to prepare houses, I like to please close preparing them any tasty things.

She told me she lived in Tyumen, but the address she sent me was in Magadan. She told me that now she has become a professional in making the tour to different countries. The only thing she told me now that all the documents must be made here, in Russia.Thank you very much for your letter and for the photos you sent to me. It seems to me that Australia is a big green paradise. Of course, I can not get much , but at least, something is better than nothing. You must know, that it is a long proses and in Russia it takes really much time. Here is my post address: I phoned some agencies and they told me that it would be better to bye the tickets here, in Yoshkar-Ola. I started browsing for information and found this web site. I think that with each new letter we become closer the friend to the friend, I hope that you feel it. Sometimes there are very many people on a stop and I can not get in the bus and I have to go on foot. I am always pleasant to see the smile on a persons of our visitors.I really want to look and explore the country myself. You know, I will have to pay much for the services of the agency. I was urged to see this "blacklist" section ."Irina's" photos were there under "Tamara Repina". I was lucky in that I sent her no money and blocked her address. I think that you understand that main purpose in my life is to find that unique, my heart with which I can go through all of life together to meet pleasure, occurrence of children, to grow them to surround with care to present them happy childhood, so, I dream of it!!! At every morning I eat a sandwich and I drink coffee. Generally I like of walk, but I like of slow walk when it is not necessary where to hurry up, to pass on familiar to streets to go to the girlfriends in the visitors to sit and drink tea to talk. With them it is possible to decide any problems, to ivide(share) pleasures. In the evening I go in the Internet-cafe to look the mail, but it sometimes not works, therefore if I'll write to you in current of one - two days don't worry necessarily I'll write to you as there will be an opportunity. In target I like to read the books, to go for a walk along my city, to visit a cinema.Its around the 7th letter where she told me that she knows a person in the travel industry and the price of a visa at 0.00.I do keep a good eye on this site for updates on these scams.

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Kiss you Irina Hello dear John, It is so nice to received your letter. I have dreams about finding my soul mate, and sharing with him everything in my life. And he, came in day or through two and spoke, that he has businesses and that he likes me. Further I have decided that I shall search for the kind person to have family and children. Between us huge ocean, but in the ideas I by itself. But not looking on it we should continue to love each other and to trust each other, do you agree with me?

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