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We invite pilgrims who produce such weblogs to share them with us for listing on this page.and "dedicated to the Holy Mountain Mount Athos." Among the related materials are illustrated historical articles (Holy Cell of St.Choosing the "always translate" option will open all subsequent pages in the selected language.SAMM is a charitable organization dedicated to helping physicians at Athonite monasteries and their dependancies to gain access to up-to-date data bases to improve the care of their patients. This website, produced by a team of contributors with close ties to Vatopaidi Monastery and updated daily, invites us to explore a spiritual immersive experience from Holy Mount Athos.It was produced in conjunction with the international conference, "Athos and the Slavic World," held in Kiev at the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, May 21-23, 2015.The website features automated translations using a pop-up button at the top of the page.Some of these links occur elsewhere in the Fo MA website as well.

Here we provide links to associations whose objectives relate to or parallel those of Fo MA, and to internet resources specifically pertaining to the Holy Mountain and its monasteries, which Fo MA members and others consulting this site might find useful.

We shall also monitor news coming from the This web site was created by the priest and founder of the Monastery, Fr. The Monastery is located at the Kilninian Church, whose monastic history goes back at least as far as 1561.

The website is still being developed, but includes an active blog, photo gallery and information about the history of the site.

It is dedicated to sharing and seeking answers to everyday spiritual needs, through an encounter combining The website of a contemporary artist with special interest in Mount Athos.

Markos Kampanis, a member of the Friends of Mount Athos, describes himself as primarily a painter.

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Readers of this page are encouraged to propose links and likewise to let us know if any of these links become obsolete.

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