Russiandating space

The fact that there is no way to tell the order in which the chits will be pulled is that much of the operational aspects of the war will be quite haphazard. To be in supply units may trace one hex to a railway or river.

This means that your armies will be using rail/river networks as the axes of operations.

In this game the object of the Soviet player is to either control every city on the map OR, basically, gain enough cities quickly enough that the foreign powers will withdraw, leaving a very weak White force that will be easy to overcome.

Even though the object of the White player is to hold on for as long as possible, if they go purely defensive from the very start of the game they will lose foreign support.

As the war progresses the Red Army will gain leaders who will give automatic activation to the region that they are in.

It looks good, has some innovative mechanics that work well, is interesting to play and is about a period of history that I, personally, find rather interesting. I anticipate to enjoy the experience – and so far, that has always been the case. The map is attractive with a delightful combination of colour shades and tones that just look right.

The counters are 5/8” and have the information clearly laid out and easy to read. Everything you need to know is there and arranged in a logical manner that makes it easy to find information, should you need to check something out during the game. Chaos is built into the system by dividing the Red Army into geographical sectors – the White Army, too, is divided into different national groups, each group with its own region in which to operate.

Activation – each turn a chit for each White Army group is placed into an opaque randomiser (some of you may think it looks like a coffee mug, but it isn’t).

It sounds different and complicated but it works very simply and gives reasonable results.

The implication of the combat system is that using lots of units gives you the potential of very positive results due to the die roll be multiplied by the number of friendly units involved in a combat.

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Guarding your supply lines is crucial – it is so easy to have massive numbers of troops wiped out because you have not protected your supply lines.

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