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» If you use a work or personal email account, your name may appear on any email you send.

To get around this, we suggest you get a free email account (e.g.

In other words, keep your guard up with everyone at all times and that way no potential threat will go overlooked.

It’s so simple, but few online daters actually seem to take this stance.

Other services also offer anonymous phone numbers for calling people you’ve met. If you have been communicating with a potential date online and you have established enough trust to feel comfortable pursuing the relationship, the next logical step is to speak with them over the phone or via webchat or webcam features. Using an instant messaging service is a fun and efficient way to communicate with potential dates.

They all can be gamed to some degree and hence are not reliable assurances of safety.However, you may feel more comfortable proceeding slowly - determining the pace of the relationship is up to you.You decide when you’re ready to meet and when your gut tells you its right.from or and avoid using your last name.You may even want to use a different first name – try making up a fun nickname like “Swimmaster”. » Some online dating sites provide you with an email account or IM features which allow you to protect your anonymity when communicating with other members.

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