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Taylor was able to bring in well over 0,000 from a multitude of women and if the victims tried to pursue any type of legal action he would then blackmail them with public and professional embarrassment.A couple of Taylor’s former victims spoke on what they endured in court proceedings.Check out more Senior Planet articles: How to set up your online dating profile in 4 easy steps 11 ways to quit lurking and write your online dating profile Do you have a favorite dating site?

Using online dating services like e Harmony, Craigslist, and Seeking Arrangement, John Edward Taylor would deceive women under a variety of aliases, gaining their affections and trust in order to steal sensitive information and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.According to the ‘New York Post’, a man by the name of John Edward Taylor, finessed several women into thinking he was an oil tycoon while wooing them under a number of aliases and now he’ll have to serve 4 years in prison.Reportedly, the impersonator had an extremely intricate scheme to use online dating sites such as, e Harmony, Seeking Arrangements and even Craigslist to deceive women into falling for him so that he could eventually steal sensitive information and hundreds of thousands of dollars in the process.The women’s testimonies shed more light on how far he would stretch to eventually get what he was looking for.One woman plead, “Don’t let him have any more victims”.

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One noted how skilled he was in his approach, meticulously sticking to his fake identity in order to get close to women he would ultimately steal from.

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