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There's another twist on scarcity, one that may seem contrary everything stated so far.This twist is one of creating artificial limits—specifically, character limits.For these, all users get "noms"—special ribbons reserved for those dishes you've tried and loved best.But there’s a catch: Foodspotting states, "You only get 5 noms to start with and must earn the right to nom more foods after that!It was fascinating to watch people scramble to get their hands on the remaining gift cards.Even people who hadn’t yet tried XBox Live purchased some of the gift cards, explaining, "they won’t be around for long—now’s the last chance to buy a year membership at the current price."But why?Here’s another way designers are using scarcity to encourage quality: Remember "show and tell" from elementary school?Dribbble is a new site where designers, developers, and other creative pros can share sneak peeks (or "shots") of their current work.

So far, the high quality of the submissions that have accumulated on Dribbble is impressive.

These same sales tactics apply to online shopping as well: A travel site shows "only three tickets left at this price," or an artist only has "six copies of this print remaining."This idea has also been used in domain name "land grabs." There is a very real scarcity of domain names on the Web.

But custom URLs, such as stephen.can also leverage this scarcity to encourage signups.

By enforcing a scarcity of characters, you can actually encourage participation (this is different from creating desire as with the examples above). The technical limits of mobile text messaging were the original constraint behind Twitter's 140-character limit.

But it is precisely this character limit that has driven a new form of written expression.

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This idea could be applied in other, more familiar contexts.

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