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A man from Davenport, 24-year-old Albert Vira III, worked as a diesel mechanic at Walt Disney World, Sheriff Tom Knight said during a news conference Tuesday.

Vira promised to stay with who he thought was a 14-year-old girl if he were to get her pregnant, according to the sheriff's office.

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It's time we provided better sex education to both pre-teens and teenagers in Hong Kong and on the mainland.

Born in 1997, she's the daughter of Alejandro Stoessel and Mariana Muzlera.

Martina also has a brother named Francisco Stoessel, who is a year older than her.

He added his office would continue to do operations like this and encouraged parents to keep an eye on their children on social media.

Let this be a reminder for parents to stay cognizant of what their children are doing in this new age of technology. It’s OK to ask questions." The sheriff's office noted nine social media applications frequently used by children that can be utilized by those looking to exploit children.

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The girl Vira believed he was talking to was a detective.

Vira worked for Disney until late September 2017, according to a company official.

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