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Anyways I wanted to tell my experience with that site, Melanie I am new to stripperfriends, and I started yesterday, I am not new to camming though, I have been on mfc a few years, and just signed up for streamates before I heard of stripper friends.What are good times to work, I think I saw you post early morning, but around what time usually?As far as MFC I am practically a veteran on that site lol. Example, SM has one of the lowest %'s, 35%, with studios giving even less at 20%, yet its one of the places I recommend because the traffic is so good.I started in Dec of 2008 I used to do pretty well, and I had a popular room, but when I got into a relationship with my ex-bf he wanted me to stop and I did because I really cared for him, and wanted to see where the relationship took me. Then we have AW at 70%, traffic isnt so good but it averages out because of the high %. done by tokens), sm and aw and see which one works for you then stick to it. I signed up with a studio and Secret Friends was my first real job as a cam model.All you will get all the time is e-mails from the HR person telling you that your ratings are low and you need to work on it. This is a good site for starting out models.jack your money though!Most other camsites take a cut of your tips, so I liked this feature because it drastically increased my hourly rate - Not as many girls on the site, so not as much competition - GUARANTEED hourly income - a good thing for starting girls, you get minimum 8 dollars an hour plus tips, maximum 24 dollars an hour plus tips depending on how many guys come into your room and for how long.- If you work for 40 hours a week you will get 20 dollars an hour minimum plus tips, instead of the 8 dollars an hour minimum.

- Native English speakers have a slight advantage, a lot of the girls are from Russian studios and have trouble communicating with the guys - Bonuses if you work on holidays Cons: - Check is the only payment option (unless they've changed it) - They are extremely picky. - You have to keep a strict schedule, and you have to keep your ratings up.

However, the shifts and the tight leash they keep on you, your time, and your freedom wasn't worth it for me - but that doesn't mean they are an illegitimate site Some tips for girls who decide to work there: - The giggly, shy, "bimbo" act works there - fetish doesn't do as well (such as, domination, cuckold, sph, etc.) so keep that in mind if you're a fetish model. I was able to keep several guys in my room at a time by doing this But looking bored will get you minimum wage.

- Try to make a personal connection with the guys who come into your room.

You will be fired if you can't do this, which isn't in your control due to the traffic. So you're kind of under the same pressure you would normally be under at a "vanilla" job ha - You have to do shifts of at least 6 hours! You only get a 15 minute break in that time period and they are very meticulous about making sure you adhere to the shifts, like down to the second. - Guys can see you if you get naked without coming into your room - they get a three minute "free-view" (I think I just came up with a new word lol) which, as we all know....

It can get boring to sit on your ass for 6 hours and having to fake a smile and act horny for that long pretty much non-stop... Is more than enough jack off material for the minute men - Unpredictable traffic. It wasn't for me, but while I was there I did well and I can assure you I was making much more than 8 dollars an hour haha. Be engaged - talk to the guys to lure them into your room.

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Take notes - they will be impressed if you remember there name, where they're from, etc. - Traffic is slower during nighttime, generally busier during the early morning hours - ENERGY DRINKS!!! lol Maybe you don't understand the definition of BBW There are some girls that have curves but there aren't really any BBWs on the site.

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