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Also note that pregnant or very young animals are often prohibited from traveling by air.Animals showing signs of illness will not be allowed onto an airplane, even if prior health checks were clear.And still, I laid awake the night before double and triple checking my list.I wondered how she would handle the loud sounds and general stress of flying and wandering through a German airport. Would a hairless cat attract a lot of attention in the airport? Needless to say, I didn’t get much sleep that night!I’d like to attribute Alice’s smooth trip to my preparation and probably a little bit of luck.Other cat owners I’ve spoken with on the subject have said that their trips were much more difficult than mine.

I packed several cat-sized shirts into my backpack in case it was chilly.Rental car agencies also discourage you from bringing your kitty along for the ride.A friend of family member might be a better option.On the plane I had to keep the carrier tucked beneath the seat in front of me.I could only see her if I bent down with my chin to my knees.

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