Self updating minecraft mates1 dating

We never were given a real reason why we NEED a new launcher either..

Yes, I have done that on my computer and I can play.

Your crash log also seems to include problems regarding it, I hope we can get clarification as to what this causes.

Just before posting, I noticed that 'tools was added as well. EDIT: I GET THE SAME ERROR AS WELL NOW WHAT DO I DO XDAfter it downloads the new launcher and "fails to move" look in the folder named "tmp" and you should see a file there.

There should be an option to cancel update and just let run minecraft on outdated launcher.

Right now if we click "cancel" it just shuts down the launcher.

Same for that new launcher, if you are going to finally push update with that new launcher for everyone, you should add an option to just cancel the update and let run old launcher.

First it downloads like 40MB of data, then downloads native files or smth, and then launches.

The program will be closed and you will be notified when a solution is available.

[Close program]"I mean, you CAN still use the older launchers... I use the old one because I've been using a Profile-switcher from long before there were profiles natively in the launcher.

It will take a few seconds longer, but after it launches, turn ur wifi back on, and switch profiles. As a technical user of this game myself, the new launcher is to flashy for me.

But in reality, even for the average user, its confusing and ugly and I see no reason for it.

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