Server shutting down cs meta dll finished updating

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The purpose of this guide is to cover many of the configuration tasks needed for setting up and maintaining JBoss EAP as well as running applications and other services on it.

NET Framework v4.0.30319.42000 Running a transacted installation. Installing Self-hosted Angular 2 service service Installing service self-hosted-angular2-service... So now your service is installed, but it's not running yet.

Service self-hosted-angular2-service has been successfully installed. The Install phase completed successfully, and the Commit phase is beginning. To get it running just open the service control manager, and start the service like any other: Then you should be able to navigate to the URL and see your site running! So in this post I showed how simple it is to use a windows service to self-host an Angular 2 website with Web API.

I also prefer attribute routing over convention-based routing, so I'm using that.

Here's what Once we have this new code in place your solution should look like this: and when you run the project you should see the following output: Now you can use any REST client to try hitting the /api/time url and the current time should be returned.

I'll walk through the basic steps here, but the project has really nice docs available: get started simply create a console app, and import the Topshelf nuget package: As we're just trying to get the service running, this doesn't do anything interesting yet, but we'll change that soon enough.

The other piece we need is to incorporate Topshelf so this class is used to create an actual Windows service.

To keep this simple we'll first use Nancy to serve a page that will load Angular 2 using System JS and CDN links.

Lately I've really wanted to explore the possibilities of self-hosting an Angular 2 website within a Windows service that could be running on any arbitrary windows machine.

This is somewhat inspired by applications such as Seq where very powerful functionality is hosted in a simple windows service.

The final piece of this step is to add the Angular 2 code we need. Add Directory("App")); Now with all of these changes in place we're ready to test it out.

To get started we'll update the Now, to serve the the typescript files up as static content we need to update Nancy to treat them as such. Hopefully, when you run the project now you can navigate again to the URL and see the following: This step is pretty much vanilla Angular 2 code, but let's just show that we can infact interact with our Web API from the new Angular 2 website.

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