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To be honest, this is the part of the show I’ve always liked the most: Before Steve and the kids, before Trey, before Brooklyn or Aidan or ’s first episodes hew much closer to Bushnell’s column in both form and exploratory spirit.

In seasons 1 and 2, the pun-laden questions Carrie poses in voice-over aren’t purely rhetorical: They’re conversational prompts, and they’re answered with responses from a cross section of New Yorkers that often has all the diversity the core cast conspicuously does not.

Another episode follows Carrie and Samantha’s experiments in dating younger men and shows them all in a pickup basketball game at the court at the West 4th Street Courts.

Rich Stein (stock analyst), Jake Lewis (bass player/dog walker), and Fred King (high school senior) each offer their thoughts on dating older women in a scene much more stylistically playful than Alison Maclean; and Nicole Holofcener.) The game acts like an animated focus group, illustrating the guys’ youthful exuberance at the same time they’re testifying to it.

Anthropology certainly seems like the goal of the simulated man-on-the-street interviews—though as the show’s star rose and its budget increased, these interludes were dropped in favor of a more conventional structure.

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In the second season premiere—the one where Carrie and Co.

iconically attend a Yankee game in coordinated sunglasses and furs—our antiheroine contemplates how to recover from what would become the first of many breakups with Big.

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(Not that wasn’t always a fantasy: The first words of Carrie’s first-ever monologue are “Once upon a time …”) We want good things for those we love, so Carrie got $4 a word at a major magazine and Miranda a sweet, supportive partner to raise her kid.

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