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There are nods and references in homage-heavy sitcoms and cut-away-happy shows like "Family Guy." But for something aspiring to nothing more than ribald revisitation of properties that have featured in the lives of most Americans for the past forty years or so, this is your only choice. Steven Spielberg ditches "Smash" to make a new movie remaking all his films in one epic war adventure. Skeletor and Beast Man infiltrate a nursery disguised as babies. "Hemlock, Gin and Juice" () (Originally aired November 11, 2012) Superman's dog Krypto puts up a fight to getting neutered. Toby, the now grown-up baby from Labyrinth, sees a therapist. Rambo is tortured with readings, "Whitney", and the E. Street Sharks distinguish themselves from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. An American werewolf in London proves to be a stereotypical tourist in three shorts. Baracus, Satan, God), Olivia Wilde (Rosemary Woodhouse, Groupie, Flight Attendant), Linda Cardellini (Velma Dinkley, Therapist), Keith Ferguson (Astro Boy, Judge Brown), Sarah Michelle Gellar (Daphne Blake, Jem, Cashier), Jim Hanks (Chuck Noland), Gillian Jacobs (Kelly Frear, Polly Pocket, Snow White, Lisbeth Salander), Matthew Lillard (Shaggy Rogers), Freddie Prinze, Jr.

Speaking of which, Green and Senreich will both turn 40 in 2014, making them a tad old for the collegiate-type humor of this show. A teenaged Dora the Explorer enjoys a wild Quinceaera Special. A recycler monster annoys Oscars and the rest of Sesame Street. Duck Week on "i Carly" has major consequences for the world. The season concludes with a long Adult Swim variation on The Cabin in the Woods, complete with a Zombie Joss Whedon (voiced by the real thing). (Fred Jones), Vicki Davis (Rebellion Leader's Sister, Predator Wife), Megan Hilty (Barbie, Johnny's Mother), Zachary Levi (Ryu, Ken Masters, Tyg Tiger, Commander Edwards), Frank Welker (Megatron, Rebellion Leader, Scientist), Victor Yerrid (Miss Piggy, Kermit the Frog), Billy Zane (King Ding Dong), Sam Elliott (White Wine Narrator, Commander Waspax, Reporter), Tamara Garfield (The Thing's Date, Jared's Wife), Mark Hamill (Jared's Boss, Tournament Announcer), Liz Loza (Gi, E. (Elrond, Azmuth), Britne Oldford (Linka, Raisin Groupie), Sarah Chalke (Harold's Wife, Raptor #1), Patrick Stewart (Gurney Halleck, Harold, Jerry the Alien), Cat Taber (Gadget, Raptor #2), Allison Janney (Grammi Gummi, others), Joe Lo Truglio (Ted Logan), Sarah Ramos (Sunni Gummi), Alex S. Preston, Esq., Steve, Earl the Lego Man), Whoopi Goldberg (Celie Johnson, Spirit, Swift Wind, HAL 9000), Rachael Mac Farlane (Castaspella, Katherine Mc Phee, Sitcom Singer, Eternian Nanny), Ashley Chaney (Mrs.

It's tough to imagine finding a better job than getting to write for all their favorite characters and playthings under the protection of fair use for parody. Satan appears on a talk show for a paternity surprise. Joes are assigned to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan. "Punctured Jugular" () (Originally aired September 30, 2012) A trailer promotes The Fast and the Furious: Obama Banned All the Cars. Oddjob's runaway hat slices all obstacles in its path. After Velma is injured, the Scooby-Doo gang replaces her with the vengeful hacker Lisbeth Salander from The Girl in the Dragon Tattoo. "Poisoned by Relatives" () (Originally aired October 7, 2012) Shirt Tales get mixed up in World War II sky combat. To Captain Planet's concern, the Planeteers plan to punish the United States government for the country's pollution. "Disemboweled by an Orphan" () (Originally aired October 21, 2012) The origins of aliens' anal probe. A rap about the genitals of Data from "Star Trek." 16. The Nerd's niece and nephew disturb his Little Red Riding Hood-flavored dream. Claus, Scarlett), Jacob Crofford, Lucas Grabeel (Justin Bieber, Danny, others), Larry Hama (Himself - Live-Action), Michaela Watkins (Nerd's Mom, Carol, Sarah Cage), Henry Winkler (Nerd's Dad, Jason Bourne, Christmas Tree), Lauren Ambrose (Natasha Fatale, Anita Radcliffe), Ke$ha (Sassette Smurfling, Sexy Robot Singer), Delroy Lindo (Dopey Smurf, Scorpion Cashier), Ben Schwartz (Scaredy Smurf, Roger Radcliffe, Toy Announcer), Jason Sudeikis (Farmer Smurf, Badtz-Maru), Lacey Chabert (Carly Shay, Mother Bird), Ashley Eckstein (Energizer Bunny's Wife, Girl), Ralph Macchio (Daniel La Russo), Rhea Perlman (Crypt Keeper's Wife, Grandmother, Witch), Brent Spiner (Dr.

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It's the rare sketch that doesn't involve farts, poop, pee, boobs, violence, masturbation, or sex. A Mortal Kombat fighter spends Christmas with the widow and family of a victim.

Those juvenile, off-color preoccupations and the over-the-top execution do prevent this show from reaching a wider audience or from simply serving up some nostalgia and satire to the masses. The Nerd goes after the (live-action) Grinch, who robbed his family's Christmas presents. "Papercut to Aorta" () (Originally aired January 6, 2013) Waldorf loses his critical edge.

"Robot Chicken" is still evaluated on those bases and renewed one season at a time, but eight years, six seasons, and 120 quarter-hour episodes later, it's still kicking and soon to return for at least another batch of 20 or so shows.

"Robot Chicken" is the creation of comedy actor Seth Green (Austin Powers, "Buffy the Vampire Slayer", "Family Guy") and Matthew Senreich, a writer for action figure collector magazine Toy Fare.

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