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If you don’t, no one can stumble across it unless you give them the link.And trust us, you’re not alone if you’re envisioning a crib before you’ve gotten an ultrasound.

“It seems outdated to go overboard with blue or pink.”What’s more, you’re no longer limited to registering at just one place.In the wake of the tragedy, the Kanka's sought to have local communities warned about sex offenders in the area.In order to prevent a similar tragedy from occurring in the future, on September 6, 1996, California State Assembly Bill 1562 was adopted, implementing California's version of the federal "Megan's Law."For more information, visit the California Megan's Law Database On December 15, 2004, the public was given the ability to view sex offenders on the new internet state operated Megan's Law Web site.At the mom-founded wee, you can see user photos and read reviews alongside.Or, if collecting photos is your jam for making decisions, there’s always Pinterest.

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