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However, the current situation is that the clinics are mostly working under great pressure, so they tend to have to concentrate on their main job, which is providing contraception.

This change has caused a real decline in the amount of free and well-informed treatment for sexual difficulties in the UK.

Current NHS policy (together with the recent cuts) means there is little money available for treatment of sex problems.

So, in many parts of the UK, you will probably have to pay for therapy or counselling.

But if your family practitioner can't help you with your sexual difficulty, we feel that he or she should at least discuss the viability of you getting various free treatments on the NHS.

Unfortunately, in large areas of the UK, no such free treatment is available.

Nevertheless, your GP may perhaps know of private therapists in your region.

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A clinic might well close down if funding is withdrawn or if somebody retires! North of England Blackpool, Bolton, Darlington, Durham, Leeds, Manchester, Merseyside, Newcastle, Preston, Rotherham, St Helen's and Southport. South of England Brighton, Bournemouth, Bristol, Cambridge, Canterbury, Croydon, Enfield, Exeter, Great Yarmouth, Hastings, Ilford, Maidstone, Oxford, Poole, Slough and Southampton.

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