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Donald Trump goes to Europe, scandalizes the Euroweenies, libs, and cruise-shilling grifters of Never Trump, and comes back victorious.He’s about to get his second SCOTUS justice confirmed – all they have on Brett Kavanaugh is that he likes beer and is named “Brett.” In Congress, the Democrats decided to go all in on abolishing ICE because Americans love open borders and welcome MS-13 or something.ASKING THE ALLIES TO MAKE NATO MORE EFFECTIVE BY PAYING WHAT THEY PROMISED, WHICH IS STILL A FRACTION OF WHAT THE U. Now, I’m not relying on my expertise gained from a quarter century of convincing juries to go my way to say that. I’m relying on the fact I have actually met normal Americans. ” You can safely assume he’ll respond, “Wait, why only half?This is such a facially idiotic argument that only someone in the establishment could talk himself into believing it. Leave DC or New York, drive a few hours out to America, find a random guy on the street and ask, “Hey, don’t you think it’s awful that Trump wants our allies to increase their contributions to their own defense to just about half of what the U. ”The Normal/Elite disconnect was also in full effect regarding the new SCOTUS dude.Look, I was not a Trump fan at the beginning – I was anti-Trump but never Never Trump, both because I was Never Hillary and because I wasn’t a Beltway squishboy who would take his white paper and go home when my guy Ted Cruz lost.I just had no idea what to make of Trump at first because he didn’t look like any mainstream Republican I had seen in the last few decades.And then there is the Mueller/ FBI/Collusion/Treason charade, which has normal people asking, “Is that still a thing?” Yeah, kind of, though it becomes less thingy every day as it becomes obvious that Sad Bassett Hound Mueller and the Conflict-of-Interest Crew’s got no-thing.

One of his secrets to success is really no secret at all. Unlike our exhausted establishment, Trump rarely holds to bizarre, indefensible positions.

The Democrats have also decided that they want to go into November on the platform of abolishing ICE and opening the borders to future Democrat voters from festering Third World hellholes.

Perhaps they didn’t read the polls, but Normal Americans – the ones not appearing on CNN, working for Soros-funded agitator collectives, or in college squandering their dads’ money on degrees in Oppression Studies – actually like borders.

Despite the best efforts of borderline mental defectives like Ted Lieu and whoever that dork was who wanted to give Strzok a Purple Heart, this paragon of the establishment came off to Normals as exactly who he is – a skeevy bureaucrat who delights in jamming up other people with the rules he ignores.

The FBI Motto is “Fidelity, Bravery, Integrity,” and that married serial sexting hack blew two of those just by cavorting with his gal pal.

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