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The disadvantages, of course, are costs which can range from to 0 per hour for a private practice therapist (depending on their qualifications and experience) or 0 to 0 per day for private residential treatment...

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We challenged four women to try the new 'women only' aphrodisiacs . L-Arginine is available in health shops as a nutritional supplement to keep the body's tissues healthy.

For reasons that are not understood, L-Arginine increases blood flow to the genitals.

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Our volunteer was Casey Roberts, 35, an IT consultant who lives with her partner David, 36, a solicitor, and their son James, three, in Fulham, West London.

The disadvantages of government treatment include: (1) the need of a referral from your family doctor or from a government-funded mental health clinic, (2) wait lists and (3) the division of medical services (detox) and residential services.

The main private treatment advantages are prompt admission, longer treatment episodes, the ability to choose your therapist or treatment centre, no geographical restriction, integrated medical and residential services, etc.

The same thing happened, or didn't happen, the following night.

I've always been very curious to try the real thing - Viagra - but I would not recommend this particular substitute.

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