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These had been unpacked as soon as we arrived at our hotel, but it was quite late and there really wasn't much time for anything else.

The following morning we had a leisurely breakfast then took a walk round the grounds of the hotel.

The following evening we'd been out to a restaurant for a meal and when we got back to the hotel Karen suggested a walk round one of the lakes.

It was still very warm, the moon was out and the subdued lighting by the side of the path added to the romantic ambiance.

I didn't say anything to Karen, but the body language as they were chatting in the pool had been very relaxed, which surprised me because Karen is normally rather shy and reserved when meeting people for the first time.

I was tempted to say something to Karen, but decided that might annoy her so I left it.

Later we both got in the pool and did a few lengths, but Karen is much more of a swimmer than I am and I got out and went to the bar while she stayed in to do some more lengths.

He was a confident swimmer, moving easily through the water with firm positive strokes.

Looking back I'm sure it was the moment when I saw her partially backlit that filled me with desire.

The sun created a shining halo to her hair and perfectly framed the innocent smile on her beautiful face.

I knew that half way round the lake there was a stone shelter done in a mock classical style and my plan was to pause there and see if Karen was receptive to a kiss and a caress. I don't think Karen would normally be willing to risk it, but she'd had more wine than usual at the restaurant and I was hoping that would lower her inhibitions.

We were very close to the stone shelter when, to my annoyance, I saw someone approaching from the opposite direction.

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