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Young children have simple identities and see things in an overly simple, generally self-serving manner.As people grow older and wiser, they identify themselves with other people, places and things in increasingly sophisticated ways and start to grow out of this initial selfishness.When people believe they are helpless to alter negative situations they find themselves in (a situation called "learned helplessness"), they tend to get depressed.

There are problems with this model, starting with the fact that one you need to tease apart inter-population variation.Even more personally, they may identify themselves as a loser, as someone who is helpless to influence the course of their lives, or as someone who needs to hate a particular religious group simply because that is what members of their own religious group are "supposed" to do.Though such personal beliefs may have no basis in reality, they often are taken at face value by the people who hold them.An American person identifies himself or herself as "American", for example, and that becomes part of that American person's identity.The same person might identify themselves as male (or female), a member of a particular religious group, a brother or sister, a child, an employee, etc.

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