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Most of us mainstream archeologists also have now dated a series of monumental royal constructions to the 10th century—the famous gates at Hazor and Megiddo and Gezer.And we have in the Bible, in First Kings -17, the famous description of Solomon's construction of gates of Jerusalem, Hazor, Megiddo, and Gezer.Today I think most archeologists would argue that there is no direct archeological proof that Abraham, for instance, ever lived. Abraham moves out on faith to a land he has never seen. And it's interesting that the other entities, the other ethnic groups, are described as nascent states, but the Israelites are described as "a people." They have not yet reached a level of state organization. There was no evidence of armed conflict in most of these sites.We do know a lot about pastoral nomads, we know about the Amorites' migrations from Mesopotamia to Canaan, and it's possible to see in that an Abraham-like figure somewhere around 1800 B. You have to think of how perilous the journey would have been had it really taken place. It is profoundly true, but it's not the kind of truth that archeology can directly illuminate. Archeologists also have discovered that most of the large Canaanite towns that were supposedly destroyed by invading Israelites were either not destroyed at all or destroyed by "Sea People"—Philistines, or others.William Dever, Professor Emeritus at the University of Arizona, has investigated the archeology of the ancient Near East for more than 30 years and authored almost as many books on the subject.In the following interview, Dever describes some of the most significant archeological finds related to the Hebrew Bible, including his own hot-button discovery that the Israelites' God was linked to a female goddess called Asherah.But I think most archeologists today would argue that the United Monarchy was not much more than a kind of hill-country chiefdom. We haven't had much of an opportunity to excavate in Jerusalem. But we have a growing collection of evidence—monumental buildings that most of us would date to the 10th century, including the new so-called Palace of David.Having seen it with the excavator, it is certainly monumental.

I suspect that there is a historical kernel, and there are a few sites that may well have been destroyed by these Israelites, such as Hazor in Galilee, or perhaps a site or two in the south.

So I would argue for a 10th-century United Monarchy. According to the stories, Solomon imported 100,000 workers from what is now Lebanon.

Well, the whole population of Israel probably wasn't 100,000 in the 10th century. In the minds of the biblical writers, of course, David and Solomon are ideal kings chosen by Yahweh. Now, archeology can't either prove or disprove the stories.

In my recent book on early Israel I characterize the Israelite movement as an agrarian social reform.

These are pioneers in the hill country who are fleeing the urban centers, the old Canaanite cities, which are in a process of collapse.

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These are farming villages in which every household is independent.

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