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I notice that Skylar no longer has body hair, and that she’s wearing women’s socks and a sky-blue top over her bra.

I also see her sneakers are laced up with a plastic bag rather than shoelaces, which inmates sometimes use to hang themselves.

There also has been discussion about the treatment choices of some transgender women, including Jenner, who say they can still feel feminine with their penises intact. Should a convicted killer, especially one on death row, be granted such a remedy to relieve pain and suffering—a costly operation that many law-abiding citizens on the outside can’t afford?“Oh my God, I’m sorry, this world has gone to hell in a handbasket. “Failure to provide individualized and appropriate medical care for inmates suffering from gender dysphoria violates the Eighth Amendment’s prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment,” the department wrote in February on behalf of a transgender female inmate who sued Georgia’s prison system.I can’t believe that,” Gayle O’Neill says when I recount my visit with Skylar. “Gender dysphoria is a serious medical condition for which treatment is necessary and effective.” The primary battle has revolved around the question of whether such surgery—typically to remove the penis and testicles and build a vagina—is “medically necessary” to relieve inmates’ emotional and physical pain, or if hormone therapy and counseling alone are “adequate.” These prison lawsuits have been unfolding against the backdrop of an escalating gender-identity discussion that has grabbed our attention for much of this year, thanks to Olympic athlete Bruce, now Caitlyn, Jenner.A transgender inmate housed in San Diego who has been denied the surgery also has filed a lawsuit in federal court.Those cases might trigger new claims by inmates such as Skylar Deleon—because there are a surprising number of inmates like her.

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“She’s not down, or hurting herself, or talking about hurting herself. listening to her doctors and doing the program they’ve set forth for her.” As soon as the federal ruling was issued this April, Skylar began talking about pursuing state-funded surgery for herself.

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